Summer 2017 Volunteer Opportunities

The owner, Jim Wehr, has once again made it possible for the Mackinaw City Area Arts Council and The Mackinaw Area Historical Society to operate a Cultural Center at Mackinaw Crossings this summer. There will be a variety of art shows, art demonstrations, workshops, community projects, children’s activities and paint and pours.

We hope to have the center open from 3-7 PM Thursday-Saturday from June 15-September16, 2017 .  There will be additional hours when special events are planned. VOLUNTEERS are essential to make this happen! A shift would be from 3-7 PM. You may sign up for any number of shifts throughout the summer. Artists could open the center and use the center to work on projects. One need not be an artist to be a docent; the responsibilities would be to open the center, greet visitors, pass out literature for MCAAC and MAHS, and encourage the visitors to sign our guest book.  If  artists are being featured, specific background information will be provided.  Please consider helping us out!
If you are willing to volunteer, please contact Ann Chastain.  231-373-6199 0r call the MCAAC website number 231-412-2787.