Annual Non-juried Art Exhibit at Mackinaw City Winterfest

The theme for the Mackinaw City Arts Council (MCAAC) Winterfest Art Show is Meet……Mackinaw.  The MCCAC art Exhibit “Meet…..Mackinaw” exhibit will highlight art reflecting the northern lower peninsula of Michigan.  Submitted art can be framed paintings of the various medium, fabric art, quilting, sculptures, paper mache’, wood carving, rock painting, metal work, leather work, jewelry, weaving, calligraphy, photography, block printing, etc.   Space could be a problem if you choose to enter something the size of a horse! You can submit more than one item.  All exhibitors must be members of MCAAC. Learn more about becoming a member – click here.  For updates on entering the Winterfest Art Exhibit please visit the MCAAC Winterfest Art Exhibit Page – click here.

The Winterfest Exhibit will open with an artists reception from 3:00pm to 5:00pm at Mackinaw Clothing and Sportswear. The art will be on display through Sunday at 4:00pm.

All exhibited artwork must be the artists’ own work and have been created in the last five years. Think about how your art reflects why we love living at the Top of the Mitt.

Please do not hesitate to contact MaryAnn Moore, the Winterfest Art Exhibit Chairman for more information  by calling 734-934-0170.

Call for Artists for Seven Teachings Project


The Mackinaw City Area Arts Council, The Mackinaw Area Historical Society, and Mackinaw Crossings are coordinating a community project based on the teachings of The Seven Grandfathers.

Among the Anishinaabe people, the Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers, also known simply as either the Seven Teachings or Seven Grandfathers, are a set of precepts on human conduct towards others. Originally from Edward Benton-Banai’s writing, The Mishomis Book, these are an example of traditional concepts which are still used today. The principles are Love, Wisdom, Respect, Courage (Bravery), Truth, Humility and Honesty. Each principle is assigned a direction/color, animal and plant.

We are planning to paint boulders to represent each of the teachings. Each boulder will be prepped and primed and ready for artists to add the detail. There will be one separate rock for each principle.

Each artist will be assigned a principle and given the characteristics to be depicted. Artists may organize a team to help them paint the design on the boulder. The boulders will be painted at Mackinaw Crossings so that the community can observe the process and production. Paints will be supplied. Once they are completed, they will be sealed to preserve the work. These artistic renditions will be moved Heritage Village to become a part of the Native American display.

Prospective artists are asked to call for details and then submit a sketch of the proposed design.

Painting will take place from June through August.
Please Call Gerry Lou Kania at 231-627-7243